SEM Optimization – 4 Tips For a Higher Quality Score

Search engine marketing depends a lot on quality score. Yes, it applies for both paid traffic and organic traffic. While many people think of it as a huge task, it is actually simpler than what most people think. Here are 4 tips for a higher quality score.


Use Google keyword tool to find relevant keywords and LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. You just need to enter the link of your landing pages and these keywords will appear, is it that simple. Take these keywords and place them on your landing pages. Put them into your title tags, description tags, meta tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and use them in your body text as well. Do not repeat keywords too often, let them appear naturally.

Site Map

Create an XML site map to make it easier for Google to index your pages. You can also have a separate site map to help your web visitors navigate through your website easily. Put the link to your site map at the bottom or footer of your pages.

Business Links

Create business links such as contact and privacy policy policy. This will boost your quality score because you look more trustworthy when you have them. Do not make these links look too obvious, make them look smaller so they will not distract your web visitors. Put these links at the bottom of your pages.

Incoming Links

Some people say that you need incoming links to your landing page to boost your quality score. This is optional and does not have negative effects on you in anyway so do it if you really want. I do have many landing pages that started out without any incoming links and the quality is still high.