7 Tips For Choosing a Domain Name For Your Business

Domain name is very important role in carrying out internet marketing. Can be said with the existence of this domain can become an identity in the business.

A good domain name can describe the business that is being managed by a person or company.

For that reason in choosing a domain name could not be any course we choose, especially for internet marketing activities, there must be some strong and clear reasons why you choose a domain name.

Here are some tips on choosing a domain name:

1. Free Domain Vs. Pay Domain

If you are really serious in doing internet marketing, it is obligatory for you choose a paid domain.

Remember!, Your business worth thousand or even millions of dollar, not to just because it matters a free domain name, your business to be destroyed.

Let say if you use a free domain name for your site running your business, how to build the trusted of your prospect while you promote your business of offer? People will think that your business just for temporary only.

Can you guess what in the mind readers? Maybe they said:

How can this person offer (teach) me how to earn money on the internet while he was still not able to use pay-domain?

I am sorry if any readers of this blog using the free domain, but I hope with this article you have realize how important having your own domain name (paid) plus some of the impact that occurs if you use a free domain name in running internet marketing.

In addition, paid domain name, you will be more motivated to work harder for fear of loss can not cover the cost of your domain name. This usually applies to people just starting to jump on this business.

2. Customize by Brand Business

If your business is engaged in hosting, so you will use the domain name that has something related with the word “host”, such as HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster and etc.

When you use the suitable domain with your brand business, people will recognize your niche of your business once they see your domain name.

3. Brief, clear, and easy to remember

Try to choose a short domain name, clear and memorable in the minds of people. If your domain name easy to remember, usually they will typed directly in the browser when they want go to your website. Standard size brief, clear and easy to remember is usually between 2-3 words. For example: internet business, learning WordPress, online bookstores and so on.

4. Using Your Own Name

Usually, people who use their own name as a domain name is Independent entrepreneurs or personal business. They use own name as a domain name to make it easier to build the image of people at once known by the name of their domain.

As we know, Internet business does not require us face-to-face to each other for making deal or business. That why use the domain name by itself is expected to build trust.

5. Motivation and Inspiring

You can also use domain names that can provide motivation and inspiration. Because sometimes when we use certain domain names will lead to the idea to create product or to continue to drive our business along the plan.

6. Search Engine Optimization Friendly

If you joined the Google AdSense program, no doubt, choosing keywords that search engine optimization friendly is very important. That because we need competing with others to take a place among the top in search engines.

7. Customize your Target Market Area

For the last tips, you must adjust your domain name based on the target market you are aiming.

It is for business reasons will not be far with domains labeled TLD (Top Level Domains) such as Com, Net, Org, and so on. But other than using it, there are several options that you can use, that is using the domain name based on the territory of a country that you are aiming.

If we target the Internet market for Malaysia, should be used.my or.com.my also the USA market.us and so on.

I hope this article helps you to make the selection of domain names for your business.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Web Designer for Your Business Web Site

How to Choose a Web Design Firm

Simple. You do your homework on them. Then, you start asking questions and taking notes. There are plenty of web designers available. You want to go with the best because, in fact, your web designer is in essence your partner. You want to choose a designer that takes YOUR business seriously.

What questions do you ask?

There are several important questions to ask when choosing a web designer for your business web site.

Creating your web site can be a tricky process. Choosing the best web design firm for your business web site is a very important decision. And if your company is like most small businesses, you probably do not have web design experience. Building your web site will take time and work. And working with a web designer is no easy task. So choose the right web design company from the start and avoid do-over’s, which can be costly and time consuming.

1. What kind of web experience do you have?

For starters, find out what kind of design experience your potential design firm has. Do they have experience with content management systems such as Joomla or Drupal, do they have experience working with “raw” HTML? Has the web design company created web sites similar to yours? Do they have relevant industry experience? If you want to sell products through your web site and accept credit card payments, does the web design company you are considering have experience with ecommerce hosting?

2. Do you have a portfolio that I can review?

An experienced web design company will have a solid portfolio of web sites that they have created for other clients. Ask for links to other site the design company has created and review each one. Do you like what you see? Do the sites have a style that appeals to you?

3. Do you have any references?

In addition to reviewing web sites, ask for customer references. Contact their clients and ask them about their experience with the web design company. Were they happy with the results? Did they get what they paid for? How much did they pay? Would they recommend them? How long did it take? What didn’t they like about the company? How responsive was the company when they had questions?

4. What are your prices?

The most important step in pricing is to make sure the potential design company outline all of the prices associated with the work and puts it all in writing. Never enter into a deal unless all of the costs are well understood up front.

Ask them a bit about how they manage payments. If they respond in a very business-like and professional manner, this is a good sign. If they throw out answers like – “Don’t worry, we’ll manage” or “Whatever you are comfortable with”, don’t be fooled. This is trouble waiting to happen. Get the price in writing before you begin the project.

5. Do you have experience with search engine optimization?

Most small business owners do not have it in their budget to hire a separate marketing firm to work on search engine optimization (SEO), so it imperative that your web designer have experience in SEO. A good designer will know that design and SEO go hand-in-hand. Designing a web site for search engines with “clean” code that utilizes cascading style sheets is essential to getting your content indexed in the leading search engines, such as Google and Bing.

6. Do you have experience with social media marketing?

Many marketing firms do know the first thing about social media marketing. These firms are stuck in the past and are not as effective as they pretend to be. Be sure that you work with a designer that knows how to setup a Facebook fan page for your business and design a customized Twitter profile. This is important because you will want your social media properties to mesh with the design of your web site. The web site and social media pages should complement one-another.

7. What is your process for designing or building a web site?

Make sure you ask your potential web design company about the process that they use? Do they design a web site or do they build a web site? An experienced Internet professional should understand the difference between these two concepts. If they don’t, they’re probably not as experienced as they claim to be. Building a web site is a highly technical process, while designing a web site is a highly creative process. Many advertising firms specialize in web site design which does not necessarily require any web development skills whatsoever. At the same time, many firms design web sites, yet out-source the creative portion of the project. Find out from the beginning what the process if for the firm that you are considering.

8. How long will it take?

Perfectionism can be a huge stumbling block in the fast paced world of the Internet. Some designers are unable to compromise between quality and time to market needs. Test: See how long it takes until you receive a proposal.

9. What type of support is offered after web site launch?

If your design firm does not offer web site maintenance, you might want to continue looking. Most reputable design firms will offer “post-launch” maintenance for companies that do not have an in-house webmaster.

10. Which web hosting providers do you work with?

If your design firm does not know the first-names of the contact at their favorite web design firm, then this should raise a red flag. Most reputable web designers know not to choose a web host simply because they are the most popular or because they offer the cheapest web hosting. A reputable web design firm should know who to call and how to get results! Does your web designer work with a green hosting company? Environmentally-friendly web hosting is becoming more and more popular for business web sites looking to implement an eco-policy.

Getting a little recognition on the W3 is hard, even in a niche market (especially in a niche market). You have less than 10 seconds to convince a site visitor to stick around long enough to learn about the quality of your services, your products or your message. Web surfers are jagged out on information overload. If they don’t see what they want to see on your home page or a landing page, they bounce. So, making a statement about your corporate culture and your business’ core values has to happen in the blink of an eye. Visitors will never even see the “About Us” page if you don’t create a good impression – in 10 seconds. So, go green! An emblem or banner proclaiming that you employ green hosting makes an immediate statement about your on-line business. It says you care about the environment.

Do your homework when choosing a web design firm.

Good designers are creative people that need to think out of the box. Finding a good web designer is getting harder and harder. The good designers are being snatched by agencies and large projects. They are overloaded with work and often, you won’t know about them because they don’t have time (or need) to market themselves. Doing your homework and asking the right questions is important to decide if they are right for the job.

SEO Consultants – 7 Tips to Find Best SEO Consultant for Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to increase you visibility on Internet and helps you to achieve high rankings in search results of various search engines. A SEO consultant is a company or professional which provides many Search Engine Optimization services for your website and business. Studies reveal that almost 90% of Internet users use a search engine like Google to search the internet for what they want. So it is important to use a SEO agency in order to boost the ranking of your website in search results.

This article presents 5 important tips which will help you choose the right consultant for your website. However, there is no hard and fast rule to choose a consultant but these are some general tips which are critical to effective Search Engine Optimization and must be provided by your SEO.

  • The Company should be a premium agency and should provide SEO services exclusively. Many companies provide SEO services along with website development and charge heavily for it but their services are not much effective. An ideal consultant should provide exclusive packages for Search Engine Optimization services and should clearly mention the tools and techniques which will be employed by it.
  • The Consultant should provide result oriented services. Most of the SEO consultancy firms do not deliver what they promise. Good agencies always emphasize on results and continuously monitor the growth in your ranking and inform you periodically. There are some good consultants in market which offer their packages with a MONEY-BACK guarantee; it is a good option as such companies try hard to deliver the promised results.
  • The SEO Consultant should have expertise and experience in Search Engine Optimization. It should use the latest technology and techniques to optimize you website or business for search engines. It must have a team of dedicated professionals and experts with required qualification and experience in the field. Always have a look at the client base of the company, if it has reputed and satisfied clients then it might turn out good for you too.
  • The Agency should provide periodic research and analysis of their work to their clients so that the clients can monitor their growth themselves. They should also use tools like Google Analytics to keep an eye on your search result rankings. The reports should be submitted to client fortnightly or monthly and the improvement in rankings should be evident from them.
  • A Good SEO company should offer a number of packages depending upon the services provided within the packages. Many times clients have different requirements depend upon their business, platform or region; therefore, the company should let them choose the services depending upon their requirement and should make you subscribe to unnecessary packages.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization may also require improving your search engine rankings in a particular region or area. Hence, the company should also provide region based and localized search so that you can target internet users from a particular area or region.
  • Nowadays, Social Media Optimization is also required in order to increase your visibility on social media like blogs, forums and various social networking sites like Facebook™, Twitter™ etc. Hence a good SEO consult should also offer packages for social media optimization services like article submission, RSS feeds etc.

Do You Make These Stupid Mistakes For Your Web Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If you are doing these stupid search engine web marketing mistakes, then it may be one of the reasons why you are broke and frustrated trying to leave this business! You must do an EDUCATED web search engine optimization all the time. Period!

I am really excited… I just got my business website in the first page of Google above 11,600,000 pages!! Yes… that’s ELEVEN MILLION PAGES! Now I want to share my experience with anyone who is interested on this.

Here is my personal checklist of SEO mistakes to avoid. If you stay away from this errors, you will get more exposure in the Search Engines (engine optimization search seo):

1. Not Doing First A Keyword Research.- Is best to start with a keyword research, because this is how you will attract most of your prospects.

2. Optimizing For A Broad Keyword Instead A Long Tail Keyword.- I highly suggest to make long tail keywords instead broad keywords; long tail keywords are more specific to your prospect’s needs and have less competition. For example: A very competitive broad keyword is “Home Business”, but a long tail keyword may be “The Best Easy Home Business Idea”

3. Not Having A Keyword In Your Domain Name.- Many potential customers are looking for your PRODUCT and not for your COMPANY. That’s why you need to have a domain name with your target keyword included. For example, if your targeted broad keyword for your business is about “tires”, your domain name should be “http://www.tires.com” (that keyword may not be available anymore), so we need to look for a long tail keyword like “http://www.michelinusedtires.com”, then it will rank higher in search engines.

4. Not Including Your Keyword In The Title.- The search engines will give your page a better ranking if you are including your keywords into the Title.

5. Not Including Your Keyword In The Description.- If our targeted keywords are into the description of the page (you can include the same name of the page title, like “3 top engine optimization search seo tips“), again the chances of ranking the website in search engines increases.

6. Not Including Your Keyword In Page File Names.- The page file name should contain your keyword(s), because it is a great incentive for the search engines to rank your page higher. For example: domain.com / yourkeyword1 / yourkeyword2

7. Not Including Keywords In Alt Image Tags.- All images should be optimized as well, as search engine robots cannot read images, but they read the alt tag for the image. So use your keywords within the Alt Image tags.

8. Not using Anchor Text Optimization.- When other sites or pages link to you, make sure the text of their link includes your keyword phrase. This is especially useful if your site contains many pages, because it doesn’t matter if those links are coming from the same website of your page… capice? 😉

9. Forgetting About Fresh Content.- Robots love fresh content, so you want to update your website frequently with relevant content. This will attract the search spiders and help you escalate more in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

10. Not Doing Web Directory and Article Directory Submissions.- Enhance your search engine web marketing with one way links from Directory Submissions and Article Submissions. Over time this will be of assistance to create many incoming one way links and finally make your web site achieve higher rankings in the search engines. The three principal Web Directories where I’m submitting any new web page I create are Google, Yahoo and Bing (formerly Live.com)

11. Not Using Site Maps.- After you create a SiteMap, you should submit it to the above directories (at least) as soon as you create it, with this, you will have indexed your pages faster and accurately.

12. Not Having RSS.- A RSS Feed is extremely useful if you have a page that is getting updated very often. This tool will tell other sites about your new information (sending content to other sites is known on the internet as “syndication”). After you update (or create) a page, I recommend also to ping it on pingomatic.com

13. Google Local.- This service from Google has been influencing more and more search engines. Submit your business at http://www.google.com/local/add… and you know what? It doesn’t matter if you are a home business based.

14. Not Linking From Your Social Sites.- You should have in your social media accounts (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.), links directing to your website. Also, in your bio description every time you talk about your company or your name, include a link to your site, if you can.

15. THE WORST: Not Understanding Link Popularity.- LINKING IS THE WHOLE THING FOR GOOGLE. You must know also that linking is the most important work you can do on SEO. Period. Remember that links are like “votes”, if you have a lot of QUALITY sites “voting” for your page then you will be a celebrity on the internet. Some years ago, a school project was created only to define a website worthiness, just by finding the quality and quantity of the sites that were linked to it; and that, my friend, was the way how Google was created. Today, they still looking basically for the same. Don’t forget this one.

Improving your search engine web marketing (engine optimization search seo) is not a difficult task, you just need to keep learning, practicing and testing.

If you want to be a Master on web search engine optimization (seo), apply TODAY all the tips you have learned in this writing, and keep focused. Remember: Play To Win! Never Retreat. Never Surrender.