Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks That No Longer Work – Stop Using Them

With the increasing number of businesses coming up on the internet, the traffic of visitors has also increased. For each service, there are umpteen websites. It is necessary for your business to stand out of this clutter by treating your website with the best SEO tools. There are a million SEO tools that already exist and new SEO tools are coming up each day, some paid and some free. On a basic search, one would wonder what tools suit your website the best. You really need to make sure you don’t go for tips and tricks that are obsolete.

Here are some of the top SEO tools that you should consider for avoiding SEO mistakes:

  1. Focus on Quality not Quantity – Try SEMRush

Quantity is fine but it’s the quality of content that matters the most. SEMRush is a kind of Search Engine Optimization tool that is used to determine whether your business website is rich in content and healthy. If you are working on link building campaign, it is advisable to check SEMRush to get to know about keywords a site is using to get ranked on Google. Your website is bound to be penalized, if it has good volume of inbound links but no relevant keywords to justify the traffic. Organic traffic is the key to increase SEO rankings. Besides this, SEMRush is used to search relevant keywords for the type of service that you offer or product you sell. With this SEO tool, you are likely to get a comprehensive list of relevant keywords for better ranking and relevant traffic.

  1. Give Weightage to Social Media – Use BuzzSumo

Search Engine Optimization and content marketing for social media are co-related. BuzzSumo is a search engine optimization tool that is assumed more to be a social media tool. BuzzSumo is used to search ideas for writing content. Be it blogs, Facebook posts or visual content, BuzzSumo is helpful. Buzz Sumo will help you in brain storming about creative ways of content writing. Experts rank it amongst the top SEO tools.

  1. Don’t Assume That Competitive Research Is Not Required- Use SpuFu

Competitive research is important. You can check what your competitor is doing in terms of SEO and what PPC model they have adopted. SpuFu is the best SEO software for doing competitive research. SpyFu is one of those SEO tools that will help you analyse your competitors.Through SpyFu, you can also get to know what type of keywords they are using and how much traffic your competitors are able to draw with a particular set of keywords. These features allow SpyFu to make into the list of top SEO tools .

  1. Finding Back Links Is Redundant – Ahref Can Help

It’s absolutely wrong to presume that finding back links is not required. Ahref is a kind of search engine optimization tool that is helpful in finding back links. It helps you analyse the number of referring domains a site has, then the percentage of those coming from unique IPs. It also helps you check the number links. You can check lost links, broken links and anchor texts with the help of Ahrefs. Features like referring content, top links and others are being added to its updated version and is growing far beyond than just a link analysing SEO tool.